UTAS, Lufthansa Technink Team Up On PW1100G Component Repairs

Deal expands cooperation between the two companies across Airbus, Boeing platforms.


UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) and Lufthansa Technik (LHT) are teaming up to support each other’s aftermarket businesses for certain Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM components, agreeing to a “life-of-program” component-service agreement for parts supplied by UTAS, the companies will announce.

Under the deal, set to be unveiled Nov. 8, LHT will develop repairs for certain UTAS-supplied engine accessories, while the supplier will provide parts and repair services to LHT. The agreement covers specific accessories for the Airbus A320neo engines, including the integrated fuel pump and control, the electronic engine control, and the air turbine starter.

The agreement will see UTAS using the LHT-developed repairs in its shops, while the German MRO provider will leverage UTAS’s parts-supply and component-repair services to support its customer base. UTAS and Pratt are both part of United Technologies.

“Our customers will benefit greatly as we combine Lufthansa Technik’s maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities with the design knowledge of UTC Aerospace Systems,” said LHT executive board chairman Johannes Bussmann. “Just like with the classic engine option, Lufthansa Technik will soon be able to repair A320neo line replaceable units in-house, including the engines.”

Tim White, UTAS president, electric, and environmental & engine systems, called the deal “a great opportunity for two companies to leverage each other’s knowledge, expertise and technology and work together to develop improved solutions that enhance the overall customer experience.”

Such deals are part of the growing trend of major suppliers teaming with MRO providers to broaden service offerings, gain access to more customers, and, increasingly, strengthen their positions against Airbus and Boeing, which are both creeping into the aftermarket space. In this agreement, LHT gains access to UTAS parts and repair data. In exchange, UTAS has one of the top MRO providers developing cost-effective repairs that it can use in its own shops.

The deal also extends the cooperation between the two large suppliers of new parts and aftermarket services. In 2017, LHT chose UTAS’s Aircraft Interface Device as part of an evaluation for sister company Lufthansa German Airlines, which is installing the units on its A320s. UTAS’s Aerostructures business also has a deal with LHT that supports the MRO provider’s Airbus A350 nacelle repair services. The companies have had aftermarket-support agreements in place for 787 components since 2011. LHT also is an official partner in Pratt’s PW1100G-JM overhaul network.

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