Airbus needs more than 200 aircraft deliveries in two months to meet 2018 goal


Airbus went full throttle on aircraft deliveries in October, handing over 81 commercial jets to customers last month.

But, after having been hit by supplier disruptions earlier in the year that it continues to wrestle with, that still leaves the European manufacturer plenty of work to do in the final two months of the year to reach its target for the year.

Airbus finished October with 584 deliveries, meaning it still has 216 to go to reach its goal of 800 deliveries for 2018.

The company said last week as part of its latest earnings report that it was still targeting 800 deliveries, although that goal would now include the 18 deliveries of A220 jets it expects to make.

That is the jet that was previously the Bombardier C Series, with Airbus closing on its majority stake in the program in July.

Of the October deliveries, 48 were from the A320neo line that has been hampered by delays from engine suppliers.

Airbus’ rival, the Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), hasn’t yet released its October delivery numbers. It has also dealt with supplier disruptions, but finished September with 568 deliveries on the year so far.

Boeing also ended September with 631 net orders. That means it will still have a comfortable lead on that metric, as Airbus reported 340 net orders through the end of October.

Between Spirit AeroSystems Inc. (NYSE: SPR), other local commercial aerospace manufacturers and Airbus Americas Engineering, Wichita has a role in the design, production and support of all of the aircraft in the two companies’ combined commercial product lines.

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